Private Practice

Clinical Psychology and Consultation

The majority of individuals who obtain psychotherapy benefit from the process. Success may vary depending on the particular problems being addressed. Therapy requires a very active effort on your part. Self-exploration, gaining understanding, finding ways for dealing with problems and learning new skills are generally quite useful.

Dr. Weedn says, “My orientation is depth psychology and I encourage the practical application of those principles. To me, this means that, called on or not, the spirit is moving to create health and wholeness in our lives; that what is happening has meaning; that what hinders our thriving must be responded to until the energy for growth is freed; and that we find our autonomy, our individuality, and our creativity only in conscious relationship with the people, institutions and events in our lives.

“Counseling helps motivated people resolve transitional crises that arise in the life of every individual, couple or family system. I do that, too. I offer retreats as well as consultation on dream work, compulsive eating, sexual abuse, parenting, and psychological testing, among other things.”

Dr. Weedn consults to various institutions and entities regarding their continuing education programs. She chairs several continuing education committees and consults on the provider application processfrom start to finish. She is available for this service, utilizing her background and expertise in the field of education in combination withthe needs of the therapeutic community.

Dr. Weedn is in full time private practice at
3 Hamilton Landing #230,
Novato, CA  94949. 

She can be reached at 415-883-7758.

She performs individual, couples and family therapy, using an eclectic and holistic approach, with interventions suited to the particular issues presented. Her theoretical stance is a combination of humanistic existentialism and family systems within a recovery model.

In addition, Dr. Weedn maintains five weekly therapy groups: three women’s groups and two mixed groups of seven to eight members each.

She consults to family businesses and is available for staff development and retreats.

Upon request, Dr. Weedn designs and implements private retreats for individuals and couples.

She maintains American Psychological Association certification in the treatment of alcoholism and other chemical dependencies. She is available for assessment in this regard and makes frequent referrals to appropriate treatment facilities, as needed.

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Weedn’s forensic work includes serving as an evaluator and an expert witness in child custody cases, cases of child welfare and dependency, sexual abuse, psychological effects of medical malpractice, fitness for duty, criminal cases, and referrals from county and state agencies.

She has had her deposition taken over thirty-five times and is called upon to render second opinions.

She accepts referrals from other mental health professionals for testing of their patients for use in treatment planning.